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Pierce County Property Management

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Pierce County Property Management

We offer a full range of management services and our pricing is very competitive. Rather than trying to beat everyone else's price, we focus on beating everyone else's service! We offer a quality service for a reasonable price and our actions speak for themselves.

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Full Service Property Management:

We do it all for YOU for only 10% of the rents collected (minimum $65 per month per unit). The leasing commission of ½ of one month's rent for securing an initial 6-12 month lease covers all the advertising costs, which we cover while the house is vacant, so you pay NOTHING while your house is vacant.

  • Property Evaluation:

    We determine your property's status in the market to establish a fair market rental value. We also offer a survey of recommended repairs so you will receive the maximum rent while minimizing your liability exposure.
  • Property Marketing:

    We utilize all available resources and state of the art internet technology to advertise vacancies including this and other web sites, yard signage and referrals.
  • Tenant Screening:

    We handle ALL inquiries and our rental/lease application is designed to obtain complete information on each applicant. References are checked through credit reports, former landlords and employers.
  • Move In Inspection:

    A multi page Inspection Report, complete with dozens of pictures is completed at both tenant move-in and again at move-out. All legal means are used to hold the tenant financially responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear. 
  • Comprehensive Legal Forms:

    To offer you maximum protection, our leases are based on years of experience and comply with all state and federal laws.
  • Rent Collection & Eviction:

    Our rent collection policy is fair but firm. We take quick action to protect your interest should delinquencies occur. In the event legal eviction is necessary we can handle all aspects of the process. Inquire about our Eviction Protection Plan.
  • Security Deposit Accounting:

    As required by Washington State Law, the tenant's security deposit is held in a trust account at a local bank.
  • Comprehensive Accounting Services:

    Our accounting and record keeping systems are totally computerized with state-of-the-art software and hardware for accuracy and efficiency. You are able to access your monthly statements on your very own internet Owner Portal. At year-end you are provided with complete information for income tax purposes.
  • Property Maintenance:

    We handle ALL maintenance requests from tenants and are on call for emergency repairs 24 hours a day utilizing our pool of qualified and reasonably priced service providers. There is no additional charge for handling routine repairs or maintenance on your property. There is a nominal fee for coordination of major renovations or multiple bids.
  • Eviction Services:

    Have a tenant already placed in a residence and need to proceed with legal eviction? We can take over no matter where in the process you are, and see it through to the end, for a reasonable fee. From posting notices, to appearing in court, we can take the stress of going through an eviction off your shoulder. (Actual eviction costs are billed separately from Landlord Solutions or chosen attorney).
  • Other Services:

    Lease-Only Services - where we would advertise and market your house, do all showings, screen tenants, draw up their lease and do the Move In Inspection and then turn the management over to you. Cost for this is one full months rent, and this covers all advertising, showings, paperwork, etc. More than anything here you are paying for our signing the tenant onto our lease, which is ironclad and affords you many rights should the tenants default on their obligations.

    Eviction Services - for a set fee we can take over for you at any point of the eviction process and proceed forward until we get your tenant out of your house.

    Vacant Property Management - do you have a vacation home or are you wanting to come back to your home, but do not wish to rent it out while you are gone. For a monthly fee we can do periodic inspections at your property. Amount of inspections desired will determine the price.

    Mobile Home Park Management - do you own a mobile home park and need someone to manage the residents as well as the park itself. We can provide a full service solution for you. Prices are determined  based on services required and number of units.

    Multi Family Management - we are set up to handle your duplex all the way up to your hundred unit building. Prices are based on services required and number of units.

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Pierce County Area Information

Pierce County Property Management

Pierce County is a county in the U.S. state of Washington. As of the 2010 Census, the population was 795,225, making it the second-most populous county in Washington behind King County. The county seat and largest city is Tacoma Formed out of Thurston County on December 22, 1852, by the legislature of Oregon Territory, it was named for U.S. President Franklin Pierce. Pierce County is in the Seattle metropolitan area (formally the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA metropolitan statistical area).

Pierce County is notable for being home to Mount Rainier, the tallest mountain and a volcano in the Cascade Range. Its most recent recorded eruption was between 1820 and 1854. There is no imminent risk of eruption, but geologists expect that the volcano will erupt again. If this should happen, parts of Pierce County and the Puyallup Valley would be at risk from lahars, lava, or pyroclastic flows. The Mount Rainier Volcano Lahar Warning System was established in 1998 to assist in the evacuation of the Puyallup River valley in case of eruption. Source From Wikipedia

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By working with our professional management company, you are eligible to get Scheer Landlord Protection Insurance starting at less than $1.00 a day.

Even though we carefully screen to get the best qualified tenants in your property, sometimes bad things happen to your good tenants. This coverage pays you:

  • Up to $50,000 in Malicious Damage
  • Up to 12 Weeks of Loss of Rent
  • Up to $7,000 in Eviction Costs

Insurance arranged at Lloyds and available through SureVestor